President’s Message


Supporting the visual arts in southwest Florida

The aesthetic and economic impact of the arts in southwest Florida isn’t exactly “breaking news.”

Art festivals and related arts and crafts opportunities abound in a five-county area of south Florida, enhancing the lives of those who live here are are attracted here as tourists. And an array of non-profit art organizations and art studios in this region are driving art education and art creation for residents and visitors of all age-groups.

Twenty-one art groups in this five-county region are members of The Art Council of SouthWest Florida, a non-profit umbrella organization created to publicize the work of these affiliate members. Additionally, the Council provides exhibit and sales opportunities for more than 6,000 artists and craftspeople who are members of these organizations.

Among the Council’s many activities:

1)  In even years the Council organizes its Spring Art Show, open to all member artists and craftspeople of the affiliate organizations.

2)  In odd years, the presidents of the member organizations nominate the work of their prize-winning artists to the Winners’ Circle Exhibit, highlighting the best work of their juried shows over the past two years.

3)  The Art Council operates a year-round sales venue, the ACSWF Co-operative Art Gallery at the prestigious Coconut Point Mall in Estero, Florida. An all-volunteer effort, the gallery expands the creative knowledge of the participating artists and craftspeople with opportunities for the curating and marketing of art through interaction with those visiting the Gallery to either browse or buy.

This ACSWF website is a one-stop location for highlighting the activities of the Council’s member organizations, thereby promoting the array of artistic opportunities for this vibrant region of Florida.

We welcome you to this site, and invite any and all comments and suggestions for improvement.

Don Long, PhD, President ACSWF


The earth, without art, is eh . . . .    (attributed to? . . .  we haven’t the faintest idea.)