Winners’ Circle Prize-winners

2D 1st place prize winner, “Arrival”

Winners’ Circle prizes awarded

At a Feb. 3rd Reception, nine artists received awards for their work entered in the 2017 Winners’ Circle Exhibit of the Art Council of Southwest Florida, and hosted by the Naples Art Association. Each work in this show was an earlier award winner in an exhibit of a studio which is an affiliate member of the Art Council.



FIRST PLACE — Andy Owen, “Arrival,” solar plate printing, intaglio and relief

SECOND PLACE — Nuch Owen, “Tropical Garden,” silk painting

THIRD PLACE — Joan Sonnenberg, “Slice of Humanity,” oil and acrylic paint

JUDGE’S CHOICE — Donna Thewlis, “Faces of Mental Health,” powered minerals fired on porcelain


3D 1st place winner, “Dancing Feet”


FIRST PLACE — John Merchant, “Dancing Feet,” bronze sculpture

SECOND PLACE — Lynn Ondencin, “Of Gods and Demons,” stone sculpture

THIRD PLACE — Jim and Diane Whiting, “Sun Shower,” glass, aluminum and additional metals

JUDGE’S CHOICE  — Stan Dzedzy, “Dragon Semavor,” stoneware clays with metallic oxides


President’s Award winner “Genesis”

PRESIDENTS’ AWARD — Michele Buelow, “Genesis,” mixed media


The Art Council congratulates these artists and the art studios that are fostering this award-winning creative energy.