ACSWF Benefits of Membership

ACSWF . . . but what do you get?


The Art Council of Southwest Florida is a non-profit “umbrella” organization that works to expand the efforts of its member art organizations and studios, now numbering 19. These organizations have a combined membership of nearly 7,000 artists and craftspeople.

Because the Art Council is in touch with all of these organizations and provides updated information concerning their activities, it offers a variety of benefits —

such as:

Representatives of the Art Council’s member organizations in early April gathered for the “end of season” Luncheon/Installation meeting at Kelly Greens in Fort Myers. Every meeting of the Art Council provides an opportunity for the member organizations to network, provide updates of their educational activities and share creative ideas.

— Affiliate members are listed on this website, with links immediately taking you to their home websites.

— Each organization member is invited to “showcase” its facilities and galleries for the other Art Council members by periodically hosting a general meeting of the Council.

— Each member organization of the Council has a vote in all decisions of the Art Council at its general meetings. Together with six elected officers, the member delegates make up the Art Council’s board. The general meetings provide an opportunity to “talk art” and share organizational and creative ideas with all of the other Council members.

— The artists and craftspeople who are members of the ACSWF affiliated organizations have the opportunity to participate in one of the Council’s two major biennial exhibits:  the “Winners’ Circle Show” and the “Spring Art Show.”  Details about these exhibits are found on this website.

— Members of the ACSWF affiliate organizations can submit work for exhibit and sale at the Council’s Co-operative Art Gallery at Coconut Point Mall (Estero, Florida), with 9% of an artist’s sales going back to his or her organization. (See the gallery prospectus, this website.)

— For the organizational reporting that the Council does, and the communications with its members, yearly dues are minimal — for the smallest in number of members just $60 a year, the largest, $100 a year. This obviously compares well to the increasing costs of advertising and other forms of publicity.

— Most important, membership in a regional organization of artists and craftspeople such as the Art Council provides each affiliate member greater recognition within Florida’s vigorous arts community.

The Art Council encourages all artists and craftspeople — whether an occasional art hobbyist or a professional — to explore membership in one of the Council’s affiliate organizations.  (See page ACSWF members/website links.)