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    Located at the prestigious Coconut Point Mall in Estero, Florida, the Co-operative Art Gallery, operated by the Arts Council of SouthWest Florida, is a year-round venue for exhibiting and selling the work of the artists and craftspeople who are members of the Art Council's affiliate organizations throughout Southwest Florida.

    It is a true co-operative:  the artists and craftspeople who place their work at the gallery also serve one day each month to welcome visitors, answer questions, and handle sales. The first of each month, a majority of the work is changed out with new offerings, thus providing a reason for return visits by both browsers and prospective customers.

    October through April, on the Thursday following the receiving of new art, the gallery hosts a reception featuring live music, wine, and hors d'oevres. This is an opportunity for residents to become acquainted with the gallery and meet some of the artists.

    Residents are encouraged to support these local artists by purchasing their work. Note that a percentage of all sales from the gallery goes to the studio where the artist is a member and a percentage also goes to the Art Council, providing support in two ways for the council's primary goals:  art creation and art education.

    For information -- Co-op Art Gallery, address:  8074 Mediterranean Drive, Estero (in the Coconut Point Mall next to Panera).  Phone: (239) 949-3073 Gallery Co-Directors:  Judi Fuchs, Gail Martin
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  • Links to printable documents for Co-op Gallery participation:

    2017 Gallery Prospectus

    Waiver    Liability protection for Art Gallery and Art Council

    InventorySheet      For listing (in Word) artwork for sale, presented at Gallery receiving

    Co-op Labels   For providing (in Word) specifics for artwork being sold.



    The Art Council of Southwest Florida (ACSWF) Co-op Art Gallery is open to all artists/craftspeople who maintain a current membership in one of the council's 16 member organizations.   CURRENT MEMBERSHIP CARDS, OR VERIFICATION OF PAYMENT OR MEMBERSHIP, ARE REQUIRED AT RECEIVING.
    * The Co-op Art Gallery operates from January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017.
    * The Co-op Art Gallery will be open:  October through April for six (6) days a week, Tuesday through Sunday, (except for December when the Gallery may be open seven (7) days a week); May through September for four (4) days a week, Thursday through Sunday. Hours: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.; Sunday, noon - 5 p.m.
    * All sales will be subject to Florida Sales Tax (currently 6%), collected for each sale. Credit card fee transactions will be deducted from Artist’s net payment.  Price art work accordingly.
    * Sales are divided as follows:   70% of sale price to the artist, with the following commissions: 12% to Coconut Point Mall, 9% to each Art Council affiliate member participating as a group, with a minimum of ten (10) artists and to small groups with thirty (30) or fewer members with a minimum of five (5) artists, and 9% to the Art Council, for a total of 30% commission.

    *  The ACSWF will charge each participating artist a non-refundable “Co-op Art Gallery Entry Fee” of $30 per month to help cover part of the cost of the space for utilities, insurance, repairs, maintenance, and publicity.
    *  All monthly payments are payable at receiving; make payable to ACSWF (cash or check, NO CREDIT CARDS).
    *  Any artists not current with entry fees will have their artwork removed.


    *  All artists must have a signed waiver form and W-9 on file with the gallery. Artists are required to gallery-sit one day per month, or more if needed as a condition of showing their work.
    *  No artwork will be allowed into the gallery if it is advertised for sale elsewhere: i.e., etsy, webpage, ebay. The work must be available for purchase through the ACSWF Co-op Art Gallery. No artwork will be accepted that is under contract with another gallery. No individual or outside sales are allowed in the Co-op Art Gallery.
     *  All artists may submit a maximum of twelve (12) pieces a month for jury review (six 2D, 63D).  The artist may submit works in different mediums to reach the twelve (12) total pieces.  A maximum of six (6) of the twelve (12) total pieces per artist may be wall hung.   In addition, an individual painting larger than 1,800 square inches shall be counted as two (2) items.
    *  The total number of items permitted each month may be seasonally adjusted, and artists will be notified of this adjustment PRIOR to the next receiving date.  Every effort will be made to display all juried items appropriately; however, the gallery reserves the right to limit items on the display floor due to space limitations.
    *  All art work submitted to the Co-op Art Gallery may include:  original art work in traditional genres, giclees for 2D art work, lithographic prints, and photographic prints.  For 3D art work, handmade or hand-assembled pieces in all media may be submitted.  All paintings to be hung must be framed or on gallery-wrapped canvas, with all sides painted, wired, and ready to hand.
    *  All works must be identified as such and that information placed both on the back of the item and on the wall label.
    *  In addition to the items above, any artist who produces her/his own cards may submit a total of six (6) packages for sale.
    *  Artwork that requires special wall mounting brackets in order to be hung CANNOT be accepted.
    *  All submissions will be juried into the gallery – NO EXCEPTIONS.  DECISIONS OF THE JURY ARE FINAL.
    *  Gallery sitting by each Participating Artist one day per month, or more if needed, is required as a condition of showing their work in the Co-op Art Gallery.  As the first step in the Receiving Process, Artists must select a gallery sitting date(s) in order to enter their work.  Any artist who has NOT scheduled a sitting day will have their artwork removed.
    *  It is the responsibility of the artist to make arrangements for sitting each month.  If participating artists are unable to fulfill their gallery sitting requirements, they will be responsible for finding a substitute replacement and must inform the Gallery Scheduling Coordinator, Ginny Whiteman – ginny@whiteman.net.  Artists who fail to attend on their scheduled date -- without having prior approval -- will have their artwork removed from display for that month.
    *  All artists must sign a “Waiver,” complete an “Inventory Form,” and “W-9 Form” as part of the Receiving Process.  These will be available at the time of Receiving.
    *  Art works that are not acceptable include, but are not limited to, the following:  pre-assembled work, assembly-line or commercially-reproduced images (ie., mugs, cups, T-shirts, etc.), multiple reproductions of the same images other than notecards.  Anything that is deemed offensive or inappropriate will not be accepted.  All art work juried in will be at the discretion of the Art Council’s Co-op Art Gallery and its judges.
    *  All artwork MUST remain in the gallery until sold or rotated out during a scheduled monthly Receiving date.  Any and all artwork that is displayed or hung in the gallery MUST be sold ONLY through the gallery.
    *  Any unsold artwork, after 60 days in the gallery, MUST BE REPLACED and/or rotated out.  Artists must wait 60 days before returning the same artwork to the Co-op Art Gallery.
    *  Artists who sell their art work may replace sold items immediately, with an item similar in size, for placement in the same location as the sold item.  Artists may rotate unsold artwork once a month on the first Monday of the month, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. ONLY, the same dates as Receiving as here listed.
    2017  Receiving Dates/Times Receptions
     Oct. 2, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Oct. 5, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.
     Nov. 6, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Nov. 9, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.
     Dec. 4, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.  Dec., 7 p.m. - 6 p.m.

    Four volunteer staffers recently showed up at the gallery to work, though only two were needed. But all four stayed to help with sales and network with their fellow artists. From left, Linda McDonough, Claudia Perozzi, Nimara Price, and Gale Shamblott.

    Gallery Volunteer Staff Schedule

    For NOVEMBER . . . 

    1    Barbara Reece, Larry Gode
    2    Robert Stotesbury, Ginny Whiteman
    3    Jan Piscitelli, Elaine Reinmuth
    4    Gail Martin, Harold Kursner
    5    Sara Spartan, Harold Johnson
    6    Receiving
    7   Nimara Price, Ramona Grin
    8    Carol Jensen, Elaine LeFebvre
    9    Viv Cunningham, Jed Barovick
    10   Laurel Schmidt, Helen Hatzis
    11   Claudia Perozzi, Linda McDonough
    12   Beth Ivens, Mike Beard
    14   Francine Gerson, Sue Hensler, Bill Hudson
    15   Sharon Shaw, Connie Glasgow
    16   Bill Gormley, Trish Tinsley
    17   Laura Buxo, Dana Stoner
    18   Elaine Reinmuth, Karen McEwen,
    19   Sandra Mark, Sarah Finnis
    21   Katrina Parker, Mark Harris, Stephen Staack
    22   Kelly Williamson, Gale Shamblott
    23   Thanksgiving (closed)
    24   Charlie Masi, Corky Ditkof
    25   Ellen Pritts, Sharon LaMarra, Betty Harper.
    26   Judy Usavage, Dallas Conan
    28   Sandy Johnston, Skip Weber
    29   Phyllis Corio, Sue Piepenbink
    30   Zdenka Fiala, Robert Stotesbury

    For December . . . 
    1    Barbara Reece, Robin Babes
    2   Anneke Tigchelaar, Pat Mullen
    3   Beth Ivens, Jonathan Sauer

    The Art Council of Southwest Florida (ACSWF) reserves all rights of decisions regarding the Co-operative Art Gallery, including changes to days open, hours open, artwork acceptance, payment, and decisions and changes to this document.
    *  Effective Aug. 4, 2013, the ACSWF’s list of member artists, their addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and group affiliations, are NOT to be used in any way, including but not limited to the following:  commercial purposes, personal events, political or lobbying messages, professional solicitations, advertisements, invitations, or provided to a third party to use for any purpose.  In addition, all e-mails given to the ACSWF are for ACSWF use only.
    *  Anyone violating this policy could be jeopardizing the 501-c-3 designation and or nonprofit status of the ACSWF.  Anyone violating this policy will be issued a warning after the first occurrence, and expulsion the second occurrence from any and all ACSWF sponsored shows, events, and Co-op Art Gallery participation.
    *  Many artists ask why the ACSWF needs to receive this form from them before any sales have actually been made.  In maintaining our non-profit status, the IRS asks that we keep accurate records of our activities.  Part of that record keeping involves who profits from the Gallery.  In January of each New Year, anyone who has sold $600 or more during the previous calendar year will be issued a 1099 Form that states the amount sold for each artist.  In order for the 1099 Form to be issued on time, all artists must have a completed W-9 form on file with the ACSWF.
    *  The ACSWF and other galleries and places that offer artists’ work for sale will ask them to fill in one of these forms annually.  Your information is kept protected. The ACSWF Treasurer is the only person with access to it, and when it is no longer needed, it is shredded. Inventory sheets with addresses and e-mails are all shredded.  The ACSWF tries very hard to protect your information and ours.
    *  The policy is that we ask for the W-9, with all information completed, at Receiving. It is a requirement of your participation in the Co-op Art Gallery because we are required to have these records.
    *  The Co-operative Art Gallery at Coconut Point is available for individual Artist Receptions and member organization exhibits.  Interested artists and/or organizations should contact the Gallery Director for additional information.  Approval in advance is required for any individual event.
    *  Coconut Point Mall for the past six years has made space available for the Cooperative Art Gallery.  The Mall Manager, Jamie Grofik, has been a strong supporter of the Art Council’s efforts to bring the arts to Coconut Point Mall and the people living and coming to this part of Florida.  We appreciate her support and recognize that space in the Mall is not guaranteed.  We very much appreciate and thank her for her assistance in securing space for 2017 and hope for another successful year.


    GALLERY HOURS   --   Oct. 3 to May 31

    Monday:  closed.

    Tuesday - Saturday:  11 a.m.-5 p.m.

    Sunday:  noon-5 p.m.


    Waiver:  liability protection for Art Council and Gallery:       WAIVER

    Inventory sheet:  presented at receiving, for listing the work being presented for sale at the Co-Operative Art Gallery:   Inventory Sheet

    Labels for Gallery artwork:  CO-OP Labels



    Can any artist/craftsperson submit work for exhibit/sale at the Art Council's Co-operative Art Gallery?

    No, to show/sell work at the Co-op Art Gallery, the artist/craftsperson must be a member of one of the Art Council's member organizations. (See website page, ACSWF Members/website links, for list of affiliate organizations and links to their websites.)

    Can any piece of art or craft be exhibited/sold at the Co-operative Art Gallery?

    Everything exhibited/sold at the Art Gallery is juried in order to offer the best quality produced by our member artists and craftspeople. The Prospectus describes those items that may be juried "out" of the show, with the jurors' decisions final.

    Does the exhibit/sale of work at the Co-operative Art Gallery provide any benefit to the ACSWF member organizations?

    With each sale, 9 percent of the sale price goes to the ACSWF member organization to which the artist/craftsperson belongs. In several cases, this money exceeds the amount that the organization pays to be a member of the Art Council.

    Why are those exhibiting at the gallery required to work as sales personnel at the gallery one day a month?

    The Art Council emphasizes the the gallery is a true "co-operative," highlighting volunteer service while providing the value-added experience of selling and curating art work, plus the opportunity to network with other artist volunteers while staffing the gallery.

    Does an affiliate organization receive any benefit beyond the 9% contribution from each sale?

    The Art Council is committed to publicizing the classes, exhibits and various other activities of its member organizations in an attempt to create a synergy between them and to improve the awareness of these organizations by the general public living in and visiting this area of Florida.

    Is the Co-operative Art Gallery a mall retailer?

    No, the Art Council very much appreciates the mall's donation of this great space to the council and the artists of its affiliate organizations. The council pays maintenance costs, and in return for use of the gallery offers to the mall its creative activities as a value-added service.


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    Gallery Phone: 239 949-3073
    Gallery Representative Coordinator,  Ginny Whiteman

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